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Michael Engesser is a Composer, Supervising Sound Editor and Music Technologist.

A selection of his music and credits is below:

Drama & Emotional
Tension & Action
SciFi & Horror
Andrew Froening



"Michael is a very talented composer and his work was integral to my films' mood and feel.

Michael is collaborative, takes direction well, and brings his own ideas to the table. Not to mention the actual instruments and production sound amazing!


I can't recommend him enough, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better composer."

Ken McArthur

Author & Film Producer


"Michael Engesser is a master at anything he does.  A brilliant musician, composer and technical wizard, the best part of Michael is his collaborative spirit, flexibility and warm heart, but the quality of his work is unmatchable.

I’m thrilled to have him working with me as a film composer for the Impact Factor Movie.

If you have a chance to work with him in any way, don’t miss the opportunity.  It’s priceless."

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